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What Can We Do For You?

Uptime Websites


Our infrastructure supports Uptime Kuma, so we can provide you with an Uptime Kuma instance that will check your websites every 20 seconds and keep them live and active. Support for Notifications (Webhooks), Proxies, and Status Websites is available. Everything is customizable and flexible. Buying from us gives you the following benefits:

- Good infrastructure
- Your own subdomain*
- 24/7 Support
- LIFETIME Hosting**

*: Your own subdomain is limited to "*.harmon.com.tr" or "*.chatbot.org.tr".
**: Guaranteed with 99% uptime as long as you continue to pay for hosting for life.


Design Services


We can design you good looking, professional Logos and Banners, Animated or Non-Animated. Our designs are supported by our AIs and can be improved & upscaled. The icons are of high quality. Layout and Rendering will be done by a member of our team. Prices are affordable. Buying from us gives you the following benefits:

- High-quality renders 
(You choose the quality)
- Image Storage*
- 24/7 Support
- Fast Delivery Time

*: We keep any design you buy from us for 30 days. Each customer will have a separate 5 GB of storage. Our storage will be done as follows: You will receive a link to the PRIVATE folder hosted on the TeraBox site.
**: Each purchase resets the timer.

Static Websites Designs


Our team can design you a great website in just a few days. You'll have all the code. Buying from us gives you the following benefits:

- One month* of free website hosting
- Fast Delivery
- 24/7 Support 
- Simple, good-looking website

*: At the end of one month, hosting can be resumed for 42 TL. It includes Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, and Unlimited mail addresses.


High-Quality Discord Bots


With the knowledge of our team, we can easily design any type of Discord bot. Buying from us gives you the following benefits:

- One month* of free Discord bot hosting
- Fast Delivery
- 24/7 Support
- High-Quality Discord Bots

*: At the end of one month, hosting can be resumed for 90 TL. It includes 18 GB Ram, 2 CPU cores, and 50 GB Storage.


High-Quality, Fast AI APIs


With the support of our providers, we can provide you with CHEAP* and FAST** AI APIs. And, if you want to test it, we're giving you FREE*** 15 requests. Buying from us gives you the following benefits:

- Access to the latest AI Models.
- Web Search AI API
- 24/7 Support
- Fast Response Time**

*: Pricing is based on Million Tokens. Each model has its own pricing and can be cheaper than usual when used appropriately.
**: It may be slow depending on the traffic density, but we can guarantee that you won't even feel the interruption.
***: To start the trial, please log in using your discord account. Once you're done, a unique token will be generated for you and will be automatically given 15 requests as trial.

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Fully Managed

All bots are fully managed by you*, which means we have no access to them.

*: If you choose to host with us, unfortunately you will not have any management rights over the bot's hosting. However, you will still be able to customize it through commands.

Fully Customizable

All bot files are open-source to you, which means you can customize them however you want*.

*: You agree that once customizations are made, support will be discontinued. Why? Because changes can unintentionally break the code, but we can't interfere with it.

Fully Hosted

Some products include a minimum of 1 Month Free* Hosting. 99% Uptime guaranteed.

*: Hosting can be resumed at the end of one month at the asking price.


What People Say About us

Whatever the project, our team can handle it.

I've been using this product for a while now, and I can confidently say that there are no problems with it. It works perfectly and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I've been very impressed with its performance, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Bot Hosting that is reliable and easy to use.



I've been hosting my Discord bot on both Replit and Harmon servers. In my experience, I have observed that the response time from Harmon is consistently faster than that of Replit. When I initiated my bot simultaneously on both platforms, the response from Harmon was noticeably quicker compared to Replit.